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NDE (non-destructive examination) Eddy-Current Calibration Standard (Candycane Flange)

Using our RAM EDM technology, we are often called on fabricate many NDE (non-destructive examination) Eddy-Current Calibration Standards for both Eddy-Current and Ultrasonic UT. The one pictured is made out of Inconel and required over 135 difference setups to create after we completed the 3D contour on a lathe and sectioned it on our Wire EDM. 

Custom 17-4 Spider Spanner Ring

The complex shape of this piece required high tolerance Wire EDM and Mill work. 

Swiss Turned Brass Parts

An example of a Swiss turned brass part. 


Custom Screw

This piece required multi-face Precision Swiss Turning. Focused Beam machined this part in high volume and high tolerance. 

Brass Parts

Focused Beam manufactured about 20,000 of these brass parts for a new customer. The customer was pleased with Focused Beam meeting their need for high volume. All of these parts were machined to high tolerances and had quick turnaround.

Custom Screws

A customer needed these custom screws in high volumes with quick turnaround. Focused Beam took this job and manufactured 20,000 of these parts. The customer was  pleased with the quick turnaround and will  be using Focused Beam in the future.

Custom Splines Hob and Shaft

One of our customers designed this custom splines hob and shaft needing just .0004 total clearance in the SAE16 spline made from 17-4 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel. Focused Beam did all the Lathe, Mill, Laser and Wire EDM work on the entire shaft making a total of 40 sets.   

Aerospace Hardware/Fasteners

Project Engineers working with NASA rely on Focused Beam to meet rigorous deadlines. Focused Beam has been tasked with exotic materials such as A286 Stainless Steel, Titanium and Inconel to manufacture flight hardware

Tactical Pen Logos

The owner of a weapon accessory company was looking for someone that could mark his logo on expensive parts, with a quick turnaround.  He looked all through Texas and came up empty-handed, and then he found Focused Beam.

Wood Engraving

This customer was looking for a charcoal burned look to replicate their seasoned old-time image for display shelves.  This job involved sub-1000 piece runs with quick turnaround.

Signature Marking

We engraved a custom signature on the blade of the high-end Randall Made knives for the serialized Rick Bowles 30th Anniversary edition.